Hello, and Happy Diwali/ Deepavali from the PTA. What a month October was with the school buzzing with festivities and activities; particularly the Language celebrations!
This was the first time the PTA took over running Language Day, and early on it was very clear that Language could not be celebrated through one event, and on just one day. We needed a design that was broad, collaborative, community-driven and above all– fun. And so we ended up with expert talks (parents and grandparents) on the origin and literature of 15 different languages; a deeply engaging session on careers in language; stalls where students (and parents) created art and calligraphy; traditional games installations that were mobbed by students and teachers alike; and of course, a final day performance that gave every language group a platform to celebrate everything colourful and catchy in their culture. The two-week spread gave enough time for everyone to focus on different activities and languages. Whether you were a games person or an art person or a literature person, there was something for every child and every volunteer.

We’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank the 50+ parent/ grandparent volunteers and all the school staff who worked incredibly hard to make this happen.
As with all activities, we’re thinking about what went well and what can be done better next time. These events are community-led, and we’re actively seeking feedback to do things better next year.


Some quotes that made us smile

“I’m a Tamilian, but this is the first time I’ve written my name in Tamil. It was great!”- Parent, G5&9

“My favourite part was playing Pallanguzhi with my friends, writing my name in other languages and the Spanish performance.” – Student, G6

” None of us are fluent, and we all know different things about our home language, so it’s fun to learn from each other.” Student, G7

“My grandchildren are Bengali and Gujarati. I am so happy that they can learn about both languages and celebrate both cultures – Neev has given them the best of Kolkata and Bombay!” – Grandparent, G 2&7


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