What is the exact nature of your work?
I am working with hardware and software companies Bit by Bit and Think 7. We design hardware that connects to machines in automotive spaces and the software controls the hardware. In short, the nature of work is IOT, which refers to the Internet of Things. What we do precisely is IIOT- the Industrial Internet of Things.

What inspired you to start this company?
In the late 80s and early 90s, there were barely any job opportunities for disabled people in India. Hence, my only option was to start something new or go abroad. I decided to take the riskier path by starting my own company called Bit by Bit. I started my first company more out of necessity than choice. However, Think 7 was started out of my passion and love for working with machinery. According to me, “If what you work is what you love, it does not work anymore, it is play.”RaghhuWhat is the most exciting part of your work and what is the most challenging aspect?
The most interesting part of my work is that I get to play with toys. This is because I use
hardware to build robots. The challenge, however, is to get young kids interested as they
look at it more as a job and less as a passion.

What, according to you, are the jobs in the future going to look like?
While IT jobs will still be around, its scope will gradually narrow down. There will be greater demand for IOT jobs, big data jobs and machine learning jobs. There will be huge
job opportunities in the future but one needs to specialize rather than generalize.

What is your message for the students of Neev?
Have fun. Don’t study for the sake of it or because it will land you a plum job. Do projects
that are fun. Stay passionate about technology or rather any field of study that interests

Raghu Shenoy, Co-founder & CTO Think7



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