A strong feeling of happiness filled the air on February 21 on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. While parents read to children in the PYP, academic leaders, teachers, and members of the CR department came together to interact with students in their chosen mother language groups in the MYP block. Across the different language groups, the teachers made it a point to discuss the connections that the texts read or recited had to students’ own lives, or connections to a particular culture. A lot of the students found themselves surprised by the activities that the teachers had planned as the sessions progressed. With the Tamil group, for instance, Ms Anuradha Harikrishnan, from
the ICT department, revealed that while her mother tongue was Malayalam, she chose to speak Tamil as she was good at it. Language broke all its barriers as students soaked in the glory of their mother language.
We also had a Kannada read aloud encouraging people to understand information in their mother tongue; giving listeners the opportunity to appreciate Kannada, the beautiful language it is; and helping us become better local citizens.



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