My friend and I had gone on a trekking expedition. We had slept in the tent in the night and indeed we slept soundly after an exhausting day. Suddenly in the middle of the night
I was woken up by a strange sound. I wondered what it was.
Gathering courage, I unzipped my sleeping bag, wore my jacket, grabbed a torch and stepped out of the tent. I tried to listen to the sound again, but I could not hear it. My friend, Daksh, heard me getting back into the tent and asked me where I had been. While recounting the incident to him, we heard the same growling sound again.
We left the tent and followed the sound until we found out what it was. The growl belonged to an angry, terrifying and hungry panther. We retreated quickly and ran back in the direction of the tent. Suddenly, our torch went out. We had seen a panther and we were very scared. But without a torch how could we find the way? We climbed on to a tree and tried to look around. Since it was a full moon night, we could locate our tent in the moonlight and we managed to reach the tent without further mishaps. We were once again cocooned in the safety of our tents and fell asleep again.
In the morning, everybody wondered why our jackets were covered with twigs and leaves. But we kept this adventurous story a secret since we did not have any evidence to prove it.

Dhruv Suresh Ramu, 5A


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