Have you ever been curious about the diversity and culture India has to offer ? Have you ever wondered about the beliefs and rules that made up the religions ? Well, there is no better place to understand this than Aurangabad and Mumbai . From exploring dark passage ways to learning about the 400 year old technology, we had the time of our lives learning something that would have been so boring in a classroom. First ,we headed to Ajanta and Ellora caves .We saw paintings that were 2000 years old with vivid paints.


We saw sculptures worn down with time in a completely new light .Then we went to Panchakki, a water mill that despite being 400 years old looked so modern in terms of build and technology! We explored many temples and mosques, each one unearthing stories so old and mystical.


When we toured around Mumbai, we learnt about the spread of major religions, defence techniques and age old history while tasting all the iconic food .


Aditi Magesh (G7-A)



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