At the end of grade 8, my classmates and I were handed the daunting task of choosing our subjects for the rest of our school years. This has always been something that had me terrified as I am an extremely indecisive person. I decided that I would take the process step by step and choose my subjects on the basis of interest, scores and importance of the subject for making career choices. When it came to making the decisions for my science subjects and my 6th group subject, there were different challenges and difficulties altogether which I faced. As I started making my decision for my science subjects I realized that I actually enjoyed all 3 of my sciences and felt that it was too early to leave any of them because I might regret the choice in the future and will have to deal with some consequences too.


Through this entire process my teachers and parents helped me in a much more efficient and calm manner. My teachers were extremely patient and always understood what I was going through. They took out time to listen to me and give suggestions for the questions that I had and I am really thankful to everyone for this. I finally decided on what I was going to do and went ahead with it in a positive manner.


When it came to deciding my 6th subject I was, once again, extremely confused. I wanted to take music as my 6th subject, but unfortunately at that time, that wasn’t an option. Honestly, at that time, I was extremely frustrated with the situation. Even though I really enjoyed art and drama, I was extremely under confident in both these subjects and so a little scared to choose either of them. However, I thought about this deeply, and finally chose drama.


For me, the life altering moment came when I came to school after the holidays and learnt that music was being offered as a 6th subject. I was thrilled and over the moon. I am so grateful and thankful to Miss Kavita and the rest of the teachers for offering music and letting me pursue what I truly wanted to.


This experience of choosing subjects has been a difficult and challenging experience from which I have had multiple learning and takeaways. I am extremely happy with the choices I have made and I am sure that they will only become more enjoyable as the years go by.


Sanjana Ganesh (G9)


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