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Jerry Martin Farm

On the 31st of July, 1B and 1A went on a field trip to Jerry Martin farm. We saw many animals like turkeys, emus, iguanas, chickens, ducks, turtles, spiders, fish, pigs, donkeys and goats! The farm had a lot of trees, plants and grass. There was also a farmer...

Historical Hampi

Grade 4 went on an overnight trip to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. We started our journey by visiting the Archeological Museum. Students saw the collection at the museum while making connections between the past and the present. We continued our exploration by visiting the Tungabhadra dam. On the...

Narayangiri Trek

Grade 3 went for a trek to Narayangiri. It was a lot of fun. My article will tell all those who missed out on the trek about it. First, we travelled in buses (not the Neev buses). It was a two hour ride from school. We had brought our...

PYP Exhibition

Paws for a cause Our unit topic for the PYP Exhibition was “What It Means To Be Human” focusing on protection of animal rights. We chose this topic because everyone in our group cared for animals and were sensitive to their needs. Urvashi says, “I have grown up around animals since...
मेरी भाषा, मेरा सम्मान I २० अप्रैल २०१८ की सुबह का हर नीव सदस्य को बेसब्री से इंतजार था I प्रतीक्षा की घड़ी समाप्त हो चली और शनैः शनैः नीव प्रांगण में आगंतुकों की भीड़ इस कदर बढ़ी कि सम्पूर्ण मैदान और प्रांगण का हर कोना पूरी तरह से पट...
Our new playground is truly one of its kind! We now have four make-shift ‘hills’ created with soil and carpet grass that look luscious and green against the glistening sunshine. Students can play catch, roll down the hills, and also race to the top. This is one of the...
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