It all started on the best day of the week, Friday. My sister and I were walking home as she boasted about how smarter she was than me. I tried to turn her attention to a ball bouncing across the street. It was red in color and upon closer inspection, there was writing on it: August 15th, 1947. I told my sister, “We don’t know what this is; don’t touch it!”. As usual, she ignored me and took it. “Hey!” she said, “Look at this button!” And she rolled it over. We looked around and all of a sudden this was not home. Everything looked old fashioned and sepia in colour. We heard shouts around us, “Angrez bhag gaye! Bharat Zindabad!” I knew exactly where we were: Year 1947, 15th August, INDIA’S INDEPENDENCE. My sister was very excited, “Let’s meet Gandhiji!” I warned her not to change the past or we might not be born. She spotted the red ball amidst the celebrating crowds rolling away into a house. We had no choice but to break in and find a startled bunch of people looking at us. My sister picked up the ball and pressed the button again. We were back home! We decided not to tell anybody about our adventure. Home sweet home.



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