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The Tennis – NFSL at Neev Academy saw our PYP ,MYP and DP students compete with students from other school . All participants were very excited to be a part of their school team and were ready to assess their skills on the court. We had organized the match in 6 categories in the format of knockout rounds. Total of 5 international school teams participated with great enthusiasm. Anushree Arora of Neev Academy was the winner in the category of Grade12 & Below Girls. She played with great gusto.

Viraj and Jeet of MYP played with their advance skills giving out their best performance and reached the semifinals. It was a great experience for all the participants. Every competition will teach us something new and give us the chance to work hard for the next competition. There’s no substitute to hard work – our champions believe in this mantra and live by this to bring success in the field!

Sweating Out to Success


Inventure Fest was organised for various categories of sports . In line with
the theme of International Baccalaureate “being competent communicator”, “taking action towards positive changes” and “taking risk” the girls football team of Neev participated in the event for the first time. The team consisted of Grade 4 and Grade 5 girls, who participated in the category “Grade 6 and Below Girls Football”. They not only participated in the Inventure Fest but were declared runner up by reaching the finals.
The results of matches played by our team were as follows:
A) We won the first knock out match against Inventure team B(3-0)
B) We won the semi-final match against Indus(5-1)
C) We lost the third match(final) to Inventure team A(2-1)
Thank you to the football coaches of Neev, for training the team so well.



Creating Healthy, Happy and Impactful Lives


A government school, painted by us: the windows, the walls (compound and classroom), the boards and the doors, as well as diagrams related to biology in some of their
classrooms. This required a lot of collaborative work as certain people were better at drawing and others at painting.

We spent the whole day there, observing the children and they, fascinated by our work.
My personal challenge was that I have never been much of an artistic person and I knew I had to put 100% to get this done. For example, when painting the windows we had to
make sure that no air bubbles remained once the coats were done. Initially, I struggled a lot with this, but eventually figured out some tricks, like changing the direction of the
roller. Even when painting the diagrams, I had to be cautious and slow to make sure it was accurate and precise.

Our impact on the community was created by the fact that every day when the students come to school to learn, they will now be able to learn in a colourful and beautiful
environment, with interactive diagrams from their textbook. Their doors, windows, walls and boards now look new and clean and, by simply being in a better environment I think
their community will be able to appreciate the school more and be motivated to learn. This issue of poorly maintained public schools being repainted may not seem like much of
an action, but has an impact on the feel-good factor of people going there every day. All over the world, education is important for progress, and I hope that by this simple act
we created an impact that would be felt in that small school community.


I visited an ‘Anganwadi’ in association with the NGO CRY  (Child Rights and You). Until this visit, I had heard about Anganwadis but never exactly knew what it was. An Anganwadi is a type of rural child care system in India implementing mother and child nutrition and care
programmer for children below the age of 6.

Most of the Anganwadis are in a bad shape as they lack proper infrastructure and resources.The one that I visited was a small and dim-lit room with very small children sitting around chatting and playing with each other. Interacting with them was not easy – most of us didn’t know the local language and since they were very small children their
attention span was extremely short. I struggled with communicating with them, because although I knew a decent amount of Kannada, I was scared to experiment with
my skill. I also realised that some of the children may know my mother tongue, Tamil. So, I asked around and decided to closely interact with two children who could speak both
languages. I played a clapping game, tattooed their arms and they requested me to teach them the English alphabet. I was actually quite surprised, and realised the kind of
privilege that I have of knowing English. These children are yearning to learn the language and that was visible when I was teaching them. I also went on to feed one of the
children, it was probably my most wholesome and satisfying experience I have ever had. I really think I want to take this forward as my CAS project and try to change these
children’s lives forever.


A Feast of Languages


A strong feeling of happiness filled the air on February 21 on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. While parents read to children in the PYP, academic leaders, teachers, and members of the CR department came together to interact with students in their chosen mother language groups in the MYP block. Across the different language groups, the teachers made it a point to discuss the connections that the texts read or recited had to students’ own lives, or connections to a particular culture. A lot of the students found themselves surprised by the activities that the teachers had planned as the sessions progressed. With the Tamil group, for instance, Ms Anuradha Harikrishnan, from
the ICT department, revealed that while her mother tongue was Malayalam, she chose to speak Tamil as she was good at it. Language broke all its barriers as students soaked in the glory of their mother language.
We also had a Kannada read aloud encouraging people to understand information in their mother tongue; giving listeners the opportunity to appreciate Kannada, the beautiful language it is; and helping us become better local citizens.


Will you be my Valentine?


February is the month for celebrating love and since we, at Neev, love books, we
decided to let the senior school students try their luck at blind dating! With books, of
course. This month students came into the library and picked a book (with their eyes
closed) from a special counter designed for this activity. This book was issued to the
child immediately with a promise of ‘trying it out’ to see if it was a perfect match! The
excitement surrounding this activity was so contagious, several children wanted
more than one ‘date’ to take home. 🙂 Mission accomplished!


Of Newton, Hydrogen Chloride and Peninsulas


The Stonehill science bowl was an interesting and new challenge for the 3 of us who participated. Our team, comprising of Pranav, Noor and I, came in second place to DPS school. The science bowl was, although difficult, one of the most interesting experiences we have had. It gave all 3 of us a chance to exercise our knowledge of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences in a stimulating environment. The bowl consisted of a buzzer round, jeopardy round and final round, in which the team was especially strong in the math, biology and earth-sciences fields. Like all of the trips we go on as a part of the school, this trip was a good learning experience for us. It taught us more about topics we didn’t know. It also gave us a valuable lesson: No matter how exciting and new an
experience may be, losing your composure can really hurt you!


We Didn’t Start the Fire


The School Administration Team has planned a series of Safety Orientation Sessions
for the members of the Student Government. For the session on 22.01.20, the topic
was Fire Safety. After a very brief theoretical session explaining, causes, precautions
and desired resultant actions, the students had a hands-on experience on how to use
fire extinguishers and other means to contain or extinguish the fire. This was carried
out in extremely controlled and well-supervised conditions. While the training doesn’t
equip them to handle any major event, they have sure become aware of how to act
responsibly during an accident. For the bigger events, like the Australian Bushfire, I
think they rely on us to do the right things. 🙂




Our Second Gallery walk showed how we grew as a learner. I confidently presented my learning journey to friends and parents. The theme of the unit was ‘Who we are’ and we were inquiring into the Central idea-We use our body in different ways to learn about ourselves.I spoke clearly and confidently during my class presentation.

This gallery walk culminated with an action goal we chose to work on, a goal our parents wrote and one our teachers wrote because we all help each other to grow as learners!


Two voices, one poem




When I got my introduction lines, I was not sure if I could learn it. But I decided to give
my best and practice. At the first tech run, I spoke louder. My teacher asked us to learn
songs in different languages, so I tried to learn all of them.

My wow moment was when the floor microphone was not working, but I thought if I
stopped, the show would get ruined, so I spoke my loudest without stopping. I thought
that I wouldn’t get the words of this song right. But I kept singing and I did not give up,
so I got all the words correctly with practice.

My challenge in the drama was when I lost my script. I did not want to disturb my mom
to check on Veracross, So I recollected all my scenes and practiced them well on my
own. Even though I did not have my music script, I was able to rehearse my songs. My
solution to the problem was to sit back and remember what I learned in school. Another
tool that helped me was to learn from Youtube and I was able to practice my songs. I
managed myself, in terms of sitting and learning, instead of quitting. I was open
minded to take other’s ideas to display my strengths.




Creative Expressions of Global Issues

Grade 5 is the culminating year of our journey in PYP. PYP has been fun and full of excitement and new learning at every stage. To add to the excitement, in Grade 5, we have the PYP Exhibition that is led by the students. This is the marking of an end and a new start. It is also a transition to MYP, preparing us for what’s ahead. It teaches us to
take action. Through this process, we also display different learner profiles and ATL skills.

The process of the exhibition started with us being introduced to the UN SDG. Each one of us identified an SDG we could relate to and listed all the topics and concerns under that SDG. But more important was, how does it personally impact us and what is our personal connection to the issue? This was our main driving question. Students who could relate to the same concerns with the personal connections drawn, were grouped together. This was how the interest groups were created. This year there were 13 exhibition groups. We have been working collaboratively to create a body of knowledge, our scope of inquiry which helped us in creating our Lols, related and key concepts. Then as a class, we co-created the Central Idea which is “People can express global issues through creativity.” We have been given the agency to choose our assessments and also to plan for our product and process.


Forest Group: “We did this research to convince others to take action towards protecting forests.”
– Rehaan, Himesh, Aarya, Alisha
Air Pollution: “We wanted to spread awareness on the ill effects of air pollution through experiments, demographic mapping and using giveaways to attract the audience.” -Aanya, Saanvi, Aradhya, Siddhant, Nimay







Food Wastage: “Our motto is to love food and hate waste, we would like humans to reduce food waste in a responsible manner because every grain counts.” -Ishana, Dhaani, Shivikaa
Clean Energy: “We are the clean and sustainable energy group-we are trying to encourage people to use clean energy so that our environment is not impacted negatively.”
-Ananya, Lujayn, Aanvi, Aanya, Tavleen










Endangered Species: “We believe that if you save the wild cats ,you will save the world.We thought a skit would be a great idea to attract attention and spread this message.”
-Yuv, Anoushka, Ranveer, Ishaan, Aarush
Habitat Loss: “We don’t really have another world and that’s what we need to tell the world through our research presentation and installation”
– Nihaal, Nirvaan, Agastya, Aryan, Samrudh








Water Pollution:”We believe that water pollution should be stopped at the earliest if we want to save our planet Earth” – Nia, Krishay, Ahaan, Ayush
Climate Change: “Our big learning from the research collaboratively was that these changes in our weather and climate on planet Earth have happened drastically just in the last 30 years which was shocking and needed to be better understood and controlled immediately.”
-Arin, Amay, Sahana, Vedansh









Nutrition :“We truly believe that Exercising well is nothing without eating healthy” -Parth, Atri, Vedant
Consumerism: Our thought provoking installation and artist statement says it all.Our biggest mission as a team is to understand consumer behaviour in urban lifestyles and to understand over consumption in our own lives. The real question that we need to ask ourselves is -Do we need it or do we want it?”
-Taashvi, Yashmita, Suhaani, Diya









Overuse of gadgets: Do you control gadgets, or gadgets control you?
-Avani, Sayuri, Vedanshi, Mytri, Adarshini
Well Being: The purpose of our group was to create awareness on the importance of physical, social and emotional well being of people. We came up with solutions and strategies to achieve a balance of it in human lifestyles.
-Rafael, Shenaya, Krisha, Parth Kohli, Sammarah




Education for all: Education is important for all. For the have nots, it is about giving their progeny a better quality of life than their own whereas the privileged look at more aspects of education than money
-Jayant, Omar, Zidaan
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