Book Review:- The Taliban Cricket Club
Before I began reading the book, The Taliban Cricket Club, I read about the Talibans and was convinced that the book could be about anything but sports, let alone girls engaging in it. After reading the first chapter of the book, I realised that it was exactly what I had expected – that the Taliban rule is a reign of terror. However, as I continued, I realised that this book had a unique take on this group. It took the readers on a journey of a woman’s struggle against the Taliban.
Timeri Murari, the author, has chosen Kabul as the backdrop of the story. The protagonist is a woman journalist, Rukshana, who is an orphan and the lone warrior against the vagaries of life. Her hand has been committed to the head terrorist in marriage, and she is not allowed to do what she loves most- to write. Rather than being discouraged by the situation, she decides to change her situation by running away. Therein lies the real twist; in order to escape, she must play cricket. It is an inspiring book that show-cases women empowerment through an engaging plot.
Rukhshana is truly an inspiring figure as she portrays strength, composure and intelligence. She has left a deep impression on my mind through her inspirational journey.
The book is vivid in its setting and characterization. The way the author has portrayed the horror of the Taliban rule sometimes shook me up from within. But that is the reality in its tooth and claw. The overall tension culminates in a decision that Ruksana makes in choosing between safety and standing up for her own identity.
The author, Timeri Murari is an Indian novelist and has written 14 novels. His books also include best sellers such as the Taj.
However, considering the subject matter and its handling, I would recommend this book for an age group of 14-17, as I feel that a younger audience may feel horrified. For the appropriate age group and even adults, this book offers an unusual take on a scorching issue.
Noor Sabharwal, 7A


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