Eureka: The annual science exhibition rolls around once again – an opportunity for students to showcase their interests. Each year the students manage to come up with unique projects that explore a variety of topics catering to their interest and choices. The theme for this year’s exhibition is – ‘Imagine. Innovate. Inspire.’ The students have just begun to dive into the research process that will finally take shape of a product. It provides a great opportunity for fostering learner agency and is also instrumental for imbibing many of the IB learner profile attributes in the students. Collaboration, research and critical thinking being the catalysts of this exhibition, it brings out that eureka moment for the students when they get to taste success of this journey. Open to the whole Neev community, this fosters encouragement and inquiry for the junior students, as also a moment of satisfaction and pride for the parents. The culmination of this journey will be showcased on 9th May, 2019.

Battle of the bands: Just recently the system of house points was introduced. The multiple house competitions have brought in the concept of friendly competition and banter between the houses. The next competition is coming up soon. It is the Battle of the Bands! Each house has prepared a few songs using vocals and instruments, and some houses have even brought in raps and beatboxing!  The competition will take place on the 4th of April, 2019.


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