Band Performance
The school bands’ performance is almost here. On the 19th of Feb, students of grades 9-12 will be expected to perform with passion and grace showcasing their musical skills. This will be an ICL band performance for the school community to watch and enjoy. Going forward, the band performances may take the form of house competitions. Till then, time to cheer
for our in-house musicians and watch out for the fire they set to the stage.

PYP Exhibition
To be held on the 6th and 7th of March 2020, the PYP exhibition will showcase the PYP students’ elaborate research on myriad topics of their interest. Visitors will visit the various stalls where group members will explain to them what their areas of exploration were and what were the findings. This will be an exhibition of student expertise, their knowledge, their skills and their ability to spread their understanding across to a larger community. This will be done by grade 5 students as their final project before they exit the PYP and join the middle school. This exhibition will bring to reality all the attributes of an IB learner.

Gujarat Trip
The much anticipated Gujarat trip is arriving! Happening between 3rd and 10th Feb, here students will be able to study in reasonable detail the way urbanisation impacts human life, geography, politics and economics. They will be travelling to Anand, to study how Amul became a phenomenon over time. They will see the plight of the salt pan workers in the salt deserts of Bhuj. They will visit Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati and witness local craftsmanship of international acclaim in the heritage village of Nirona. This is just to name a few. Phew!


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