Trip to Aurangabad – From the exotic Ajanta and Ellora caves to the marvelous ancient ruins of Daulatabad fort, the 7th graders are really looking forward to their field trip. Beginning in the 4th week of September, the trip aims to teach the students the history and geography of the region along with an amazing opportunity to study religion in caves dated back to the 2nd century BCE!


NLF 2019 – The annual Neev Literature Festival is right around the corner- the event where authors and children meet with the purpose of creating lifelong readers! Sessions with authors, bookstalls, and the Neev Book Awards is something to look forward to this year. This festival brings light to the simple joy that is reading and allows students to “love to read and read to love”.


NSFL – Another year at Neev brings another Neev Sports Friendship League! Motivating cheers, waving hands, yelling students – it’s that time of the year again. The purpose of the NSFL is to give our students greater exposure to the thing called sportsmanship. Neev aims to be the hub of collaborative team sports so that our players get to meet new players from different schools, acquire new skills and above all learn the rules of the game. This September you will be witnessing the junior and the senior basketball teams competing against schools from all over Bangalore.


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