Based on my personal experience as a facilitator of drama and other forms of performing arts in the last 15 years, I strongly feel that art, in any form, represents not only the outward but the inward significance of things. The Neev community consistently nurtures the ability of arts to nourish creativity, curiosity and communication skills in those who make art and in those who experience art. Hence, I strongly believe that “success in arts translates into success elsewhere in life.”

In my ongoing conversations and discussions with Mr. Randy Moss (IBDP drama teacher and examiner with 40 plus years in drama facilitation and also currently the consultant for drama and performing arts at Neev), the above point was further reinforced.

Performing arts or visual arts can be the key to unlocking the pathway to understanding myriad subjects. It can magnify understanding of subject matter and presentation of learning by building
skills that are quintessential in interpreting and adjusting to the constantly changing life.
We do not know what the future is going to look like. The jobs that students find lucrative now may change dramatically as time passes. In all my reading, teaching experiences and frequent exchanges with past students, I have discovered that there are certain specific skills that will always be in demand regardless of one’s career choices. They are creativity, collaboration, communication, empathy and cultural understanding and leadership skills. And finally, success and happiness in life come from the passion for the work one is doing.

According to the tenets of the Middle Years Program, the aim of the art program is to create and present art (independently & collaboratively), develop skills specific to the discipline, engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-) discovery, make purposeful connections between investigation and practice, understand the relationship between art and its contexts and reflect on how art deepens their understanding of the world.

Soon parents, teachers, and students at Neev will begin discussing subject choices in art at the MYP and subsequently at the IBDP. The decision, therefore, must be a product of right information and careful meditation. Art has deeper implications than merely adding to the aesthetic aspects of life. It has a major role to play in creating human beings who are not afraid of the unknown.

Vineet Singh– HOD– Performing Arts



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