Rithwik Shivnani wants you to STOP, lift your head, and look at the colours…

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts”

  • Marcus Aurelius


Imagine for a moment that the sky above your head is a dull white; that all that your laptop screen showed was white text on a black background; that the chips you are munching on were grey; that life was colourless. Without colour, life would be a dreary sludge. We think that it would be just alright to have a black and white world, but most of us don’t realize how privileged we are to live in a colourful world.


Our festivals enhance this privilege for us. They create a culture of colourful celebrations. This culture of colours is deeply embedded in the heart of the world. The type of clothes people wear are all related to the culture of colour. For example, Hindu brides wear red and Christian brides wear white. Hindu widows wear white at their husbands funeral while Christian widows wear black. This diversity in colour is exactly what is creating a multicultural society.Culture is often influenced by geography… Camel herders in Gujarat often wear dark colours so that when they go out to herd in pairs and if one of them gets lost, the other will easily be able to see the other from far away against the light coloured sand.


Imagine a black and white poster, it might be attractive to adults, but children like splashes of colour. The colour scheme of a logo of a certain brand is can also determine who and how many people buy that product/service.


In conclusion, colour is a very complex topic, as none of us understand it properly. Is colour really an illusion? Can we ever describe something we see on a page? Is colour a language? Can colour really influence moods and change perspectives? Will we ever be able to create a product whose colour scheme is attractive to all age groups? And have our geography actually impacted the colours we like? We don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but maybe someday, in the distant future, we will.


Rithwik Shivnani (G7-B)


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