I had been a part of my previous school for more than 10 years, which is almost all of my life so far. So, the thought of joining a new school was scary, for it meant a lot of changes: a new environment, new teachers, new friends, and a new curriculum as well. I was apprehensive about joining a new school, to say the least. During my first visit to the Neev campus, I had a chance to talk with many of the teachers. These interactions went a long way towards addressing my initial concerns, and it gave me a sense of comfort knowing that I was in good hands.


From the welcome assembly to being invited to play in lunch hour football matches, the Neev community, as a whole, has embraced my peers and me, which speaks volumes about the kind of inclusive community that Neev is. The effort Neev has put into making me feel comfortable and welcome me in what was a new environment, allowed me to feel a part of their one big family instantaneously. Additionally, the Diploma Programme (DP) which Neev offers has been a rigorous and intellectually challenging course, and it has made me more independent because of its demanding nature.


I feel fortunate to have opted for the IB diploma programme, and even more so, taking the opportunity to join Neev.


Azhar Yenepoya (G11)


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