Drama, like any other art form, is a way of communication. The Drama Club is a safe place for students to let their emotions flow through movements, expressions, body language and dialogue. It is an extremely collaborative activity, which requires discipline and patience. Since the club is considered a safe and familiar place for students, they develop trust within their small community. The drama club also focuses on communication through body language without dialogue. It teaches students to be adaptable and open to other’s ideas. In course, students learn to trust their own ideas and abilities as well.


We started off the year by engaging in many activities that strengthened our body language, and helped us build unspoken connections with each other. Then we moved on to forming pairs, and working on body movements, and how they can convey different stories. Later on, we moved on to forming ensembles with the whole club, following a theme without deciding what exactly to do.


The Drama Club is an extremely enjoyable experience, for me and the rest of the club members.

Arya Varma (G11)


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