9th March Monday, was my last day of school. I had fun. But when I came home and heard the news, I was sad. The next day I went for art class in my friend’s house. We drew different things… I felt happy!

However, I can no longer go for my tennis, singing, and art classes. Instead, I do online classes, I play TT, and then exercise at home. I also do my homework and have fun. I play with my dog, help my parents with cooking, cleaning, baking and spend time with my grandparents.

I look forward to going back to school after this is over! I want to meet my friends and teachers. Most importantly, I want to work towards a better world and a better environment. We will work towards saving water, recycling, respecting nature and making the world a better place.

ARIYANNA LAL (G1 – North Campus)


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