Here I am,
Standing in front of you,
The white chrysanthemums
Lying against the granite

Letters carved into stone,
The echo of your smile,
The biting cold,
Edging its way into my heart

A flock of crows flies above,
Together – and not apart,
As realization washes over me,
Knowing that it will never again be us.


Le Weekend

Le week-end, je me réveille très tard.
Je mange le petit déjeuner vers dix heures.

A onze heures, je vais à “BDA complex” pour mon cours de musique.
Je joue du piano et je chante des chansons classiques.

Dans ma maison, je dessine beaucoup et je regarde des films
Le soir, je joue avec des chiens dans mon appartement
Après je finis mes devoirs.

Le dimanche, j’écoute de la musique de pop et de rock.
Je nage dans le piscine avec mon ami, Arnock.

J’ai un maillot de bain rouge.
Je porte des lunettes de plongée et des sandals de plage.

Je lis avant de me coucher.
Le dimanche, je me couche tôt
parce que le lendemain c’est encore lundi !


Neev Academy is Adopting a Few Trees…
What’s the Inside Scoop?

A few of you may be wondering… why are these trees here? Who’s responsible? Can we play here anymore? Looks like, after a word with Ms. Shilpa, our school has taken the initiative of re-planting trees and saving them from a nearby construction site. Apparently, in 6-10 months, we shall harvest various fruits such as litchis, mangoes and rose apples. There are 5 litchi trees, 5 rose-apple trees, and 11 mango trees. We’ve made you hungry, haven’t we? To add, some of the kids have mixed opinions, stating that the trees look “weird” and the fact they can’t play here anymore. But most of us here at Neev Times love
the idea. What do you think? The pale green chalk is actually an ecofriendly antiseptic on the trees, that keeps the trees from drying up and getting infested by insects. After talking to the school horticulturist, Mr. Shashikumar, we’ve learned that the procedure taken to arrive at the transplant had several steps. First, the Joseph Cyril Bamford (J.C.B.) had dug up holes in the spots designated for the plantations, then it was left open for 2 days. The trees were then transplanted from the Neev nursery into those holes. We talked to several students, and arrived at the solution of making fences around the empty areas so that students can play without harming the surrounding nature. We hope we answered all your


Australian Bushfire

Hi, I’m nature,
And I’m mature,
Some people take me for granted,
Some people think I am enchanted

In Australia, there’s a bushfire,
And it’s nothing to admire,
It’s caused by us,
And needs some fuss,

It’s our Earth,
It’s where the animals still give birth,
It’s their life too,
What can we do?

Turn off the fan,
whenever you can,
Less use of cars,
It’s not like you’re behind bars!

Living things are losing their habitats,
Humans, birds, cats, bats, and rats,
Australia, act fast!
Before your country is past.



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