A shelter is a place that offers you protection from danger, both environmental and human. It is considered as one of the basic human needs for survival, falling under the same category as food and water. Only with these essentials can one think of higher wants like safety, education, and equality.

It is unfortunate that in a rapidly developing country like India, millions still do not have access to shelter and sanitation facilities, the fundamental requirements. As the privileged one percent of the country, we believe that it is our duty to help in any way we can. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO that aims to ensure a world where everyone has a decent place to live, we organized a fundraiser in school. The funds raised were used to build homes and sanitation facilities across Karnataka.

However, fundraising is just the beginning. We plan to engage with the community that is facing these problems, and learn what more we can do. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed and helped families fulfil the necessities for a decent life.

Rohini Chakraborty and Arya Varma (G11)

For our recycling initiative in CAS, we wanted to spread awareness on waste segregation. As a group, we felt responsible for bringing about a change when we saw people throwing things even without looking at where it landed. Invariably it lands in the wrong bin.

We wanted to spread awareness about the negative impact it has on the environment. Through waste segregation, we can aid recycling, one of the most environmentally secure things we can do. By simply throwing our paper cups or plastic bottles in the right bin, we can stop the usage of plastic and therefore save the environment. We also thought that through this, we would be aiding the noble cause against global pollution at a very local level.

We invited ¬†ENSYDE to talk about their Electronic- Waste collection and sensitization programme “Be Responsible”. The main objective of this program is to advocate the cause of recycling Electronic waste by periodic collections at schools and apartment communities. We wish to organize a “Be-Responsible” collection drive at Neev Academy at the earliest possible to foster awareness and active citizenship for the environmental cause of Electronic waste.

We have also created a radio jingle to aid the awareness campaign. We composed the beats, wrote the lyrics, performed and recorded it. We plan to play it at our school PA system very soon.

Skanda and Devansh (G8-A)- Recycling Intiative


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