Grade 4 went on an overnight trip to Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. We started our journey by visiting the Archeological Museum. Students saw the collection at the museum while making connections between the past and the present. We continued our exploration by visiting the Tungabhadra dam.

On the second day, we visited the Pushkarni at the sacred Centre. This was followed by our students learning about the glorious past of the Vittala temple. This temple houses the incomparable stone chariot and the fascinating musical pillars. We experienced the beauty of the meandering river Tungabhadra and visualized how the great singer Purandaradasa would have composed songs on the bank of this river. The day ended with the trek to Matanga Hill where we enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

On the last day, we went to the Royal Center that includes the ruins of the magnificent Mahanavami Dibba, royal palaces, the Lotus Mahal, the Hazararama Temple and the Mohammedan tomb. Our day ended by listening to legends on Hemakuta hill and our exploration of the Virupaksha temple. We left Hampi, enriched with the understanding of our glorious past. The verses from the poem created by the students on top of the Matunga hill keeps playing in our minds even after our return too.

The poem goes:

“This pictureresque and majestic land of Hampi,
Is peaceful,natural and extraordinary.
Beneath this rocky and mysterious land,
Lie many beautiful ancient monolithical monuments.
These inscriptions on the walls are very very tall
That talk about religion and all.
The bazaars on the road used rubies and gold,
Which were very very old.
If you ever want to gaze at a historical place,
Then Historical Hampi is the right place.”


Grade 4 Team



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