A new year, new beginnings and… new resolutions! Well, resolutions are meant to be broken, so we often just make resolutions for the sake of it. But what if someone just decides to be a better person or someone just wishes for a better tomorrow?
The students of Neev Academy made their pens and their imagination play best buddies in order to come up with thoughtful, sensitive and very personal pieces in the Poetry Competition that was conducted by Neev Times. The following frames have captured how our students got engaged with the event wholeheartedly.
We also have our best entries enlisted here. Do not forget to cheer your friends when you meet them and don’t hold yourself back from letting your imagination do the talking, because, Neev Times has events planned for you. All the best. May the most creative mind take over!

Moments from the Poetry Competition

Fun Time

New year has come
Let us have some fun
The year has just begun
I want to fly up in the sky
Climb the tallest mountains
Swim in the deepest sea
Lets celebrate
New year has come
Let us have some fun

Ira Dwivedi (G2-B)


See, admire the vision afar,
A mere speck of light,
Close your eyes and dream what it could be,
For it is tomorrow, gleaming in the vastness
Of the night.
A chance to spend one’s wings
Listen to the silent,
Make oneself better, and do
Honorable things.
It is a new day
Just think of what you could do.
Imagine,dream, express it through and through

Mythri (G4-B)


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