It has become common practice for me to begin the day of competition with songs much like “Let’s get it started” by the Black Eyed Peas. For some reason, I have started believing that this practice will help me perform better in a tournament or meet and on this particular occasion it seemed to work. The TISB Athletics Meet held on the 6th of October 2019 was the first interschool athletics meet of the year and I viewed this meet as a sort of testing ground for grasping exactly where I lay in comparison to other competitors. Honestly, my performance surprised me immensely. It has been nearly 3 years since I began running and ever since my goal has been to catch that person in front of me, and for the very first time I was the one ahead. While the experience was extremely rewarding for me as well as our whole athletics team which managed to win enough points for the overall championship, I now know that that one competitor will now work doubly hard to best the rest of the competition. Second place may be first the next time. Expect greater things from the Neev team soon.


Better luck next time!

On 17th October, I went to Candor International School to play a football
tournament. Candor International School is a very big school with lots of
facilities and even a hostel. We started from Neev at six in the morning because
Candor is very far away. It took us 2 hours to reach there.
It took us time to adapt on the field and by the time we were ready to play our
first match, we were put up against the strongest team coming to the Sports
Fest, Greenwood High School. When the team was set, I was playing defense.
We scored the first goal and after a while, Greenwood scored a goal. The game
ended with a tie. Then we were supposed to play against Vibgyor, Marathahalli.
But they did not come and we had to play against Greenwood again. When the
match started, the players scored a goal with ease. With that goal, we lost our
calm and started conceding goals. By the time we knew, we had lost the match.
Our faces fell but we will keep our spirits high for the next time!


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