This poem is dedicated to the victims of war. It is also about the significance and hardship these victims have to go through in order to take care of themselves and survive. It is related to Indias independence also because at that point we were at war with the British and millions of people suffered. It is our fundamental right to be free and to make decisions for ourselves.

As the steady sounds of sadness, And rivers of despair come through, that spark of light, The one spark of light, hidden in the pain.

Somebody was looking into the sky, Somebody was reaching out to hold the light, for we must live in hope, only to discover that our own light was limited by ourselves.

The pain and the screams, the hurt and the darkness we were shrouded in, we forget that it is there.Hold on, and reach out to that light. Forget about the threats and taunts

For this is who you are




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