Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lola. She was from Africa but at a young age she moved with her family to London. Her parents worked very hard but were still not able to earn a good living In fact, Lola was not able to go to school until second grade. She was the only dark-skinned girl in the whole school! Almost everybody tormented and bullied her, but all she did was ignore them. One day, when she happened to be eating lunch alone and quietly, the class bully walked up to her. He was reasonably short for his age and a little plump, and looked like a sweet boy who minds his own business. Actually, he was an annoying little boy capable of hurting others’ feelings. He said, “You were not meant to be put in this school; you were just accepted out of pity”. After this incident, she was so sad that she walked home alone, sat on her bed and cried. Her mother came in and asked her, “What happened?” Lola explained the whole incident and started to cry again. Her mother kept quiet for a while and then whispered, “We black people are stronger than you think. I learned this when I was young, and if you want to be strong too, you have to face the bully and not take his words seriously.”Lola was so encouraged by her mother that she walked straight back to school and told the bully, “From now onwards whatever you say will not irritate me!” The bully was taken aback but still continued bullying Lola. After a while, as Lola was not getting troubled, he realized his mistake and apologized to Lola. She accepted his apology and since then both of them have been the best of friends.



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