The 15th of August at Neev Academy witnessed an array of creative expressions. The spirit of celebrations was set high with our gratitude towards freedom and praise for the great freedom fighters and a question – what are we making of the freedom that we have? We were made aware of the people around us that may not be able to enjoy the same freedom that most of us can take for granted. We were able to look at ourselves and our nation with a new set of eyes. The day started with an Odissi and Bharatnatyam performance that perfectly encompassed the cultural diversity in India. A walk of freedom fighters allowed us a glimpse back into history where students impersonated revered freedom fighters. A house contest was also conducted for grades 6-8 as they showcased their understanding of the concept of freedom and India’s independence through setting up displays for the soft board. The day ended with sumptuous Thukpa, a popular dish from Ladakh cooked for the entire Neev communitty by the high school students. We had an enduring discussion session on the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A. This day was the anniversary for the 73rd Independence day in India, yet, the meaning of this day seems to have evolved and changed its hue in these 73 years. It is said that freedom doesn’t come free therefore we must show our gratitude to those who have carried our nation through the long walk to freedom. We must always remember to show gratitude for things in life that seem almost trivial to us but is actually a great luxury to some.



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