Model United Nations is an educational simulation or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Delegates (students who have been assigned a country who they must represent) work individually or in groups in the committee (the discussion room assigned their topic) to find a resolution to the problem at hand.

MUN @ Neev is a platform for young aspiring MUNers and older experienced MUNers to showcase their talent and skill of public speaking. Recently, it went through a big change, bifurcating from a joint MUN to a junior and senior MUN. This change transforms the way the committees will function in future sessions. The senior MUN is a higher difficulty MUN with fewer, more skilled delegates, while the junior MUN is a platform for the new and younger MUNers to develop their skills of debating and research and a way for them to get prepared for senior MUN. While the committees are separate, both deal with the same topic. Last year, we dealt with complex topics like International Drug Trade or India Pakistan conflict following the Pulwama attacks and we plan on discussing similar topics this year as well. Our first topic for the year is World War 2 and delegates will have to put themselves in the league of nations to sort out the crises which will be presented in committee.

This year, I can promise you that neither the topics nor the delegates will be a walk in the park, and we can expect some very valuable committee sessions from the MUN.



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