My lockdown experience has been mostly fun but a bit boring. The good
things are:

  • Getting Up Early – Without school (before online learning), I could sleep until whatever time. But now, I need to get up early in order to do work and attend the Zoom call.
  • New Experiences – With the lockdown in place, I can’t go out for movies or go to buy things. What we can do at home is cooking, baking, and gardening. That is exactly what I do! All the jobs are really fun to do and, as I said before, I get new experiences.
  • Exercise – We can’t sit around in our house all day. Instead, we need to exercise. Now, we exercise more often. Some of the exercises we do are cycling, tennis, basketball, training (from teachers, on calls), etc. I really enjoy these exercises because they are really fun and energizing. But, it isn’t fully fun. The bad parts are…
  • Boring – When there is very little work, then I get really bored.
  • Missing School – I miss the school library, playground, sports, my friends, music classes and everything about school



Crisis Response – A Lesson to Learn

Governments all over the world are handling Coronavirus in diverse ways– from equating it to war, to concealing the actual number of cases. However, the country that impresses me the most is New Zealand.

To start with, the Prime Minister announced a lockdown before the death toll even reached one person. By doing this, she has kept the death toll at a record low of eleven. New Zealand also turned to scientific facts to eradicate the virus. The prime minister has a solid plan– since the coronavirus has a longer incubation period (5-6 days) than most flu, people with the virus and their contacts could be isolated even before the disease spreads.

Other than reassuring the nation with enigmatic speeches, the Prime Minister also takes to her Twitter every Sunday to answer any questions that people have about the pandemic. This is stopping panic and resolving any communication gaps at the same time. Last but
not the least, she has offered a tribute to workers facing pay cuts by cutting off 20% of her salary; and more government officials are following suit. When Coronavirus makes its way into history books, New Zealand will stand out for its ingenious method of dealing with the virus. It has taken the lead, and we should follow.



The Real Life War Zone

Running away from a real life war,
filled with guns and humongous bombs
Walking for miles,with no clue to where to go…
but just searching for a place they can call their own.
And yet,they are discriminated against,
treated badly and unappreciated.
Not allowed to play or learn
or even have a job so they can earn.
Well,here is something you should know,
refugees shouldn’t be treated so!
Refugees have some rights too
’cause they are just like me and you.
They can sing and dance and have some fun,
and go to school and get to learn
They can practice any religion,
without fearing discrimination.
If we don’t save our people from never-ending terrors of war
then just think,what else is humanity for?




ASIMA DASGUPTA (G2- North Campus)


SAINA GOENKA (G1- North Campus)
REYANSH NABAR (G1- North Campus)






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