Grade 3 went for a trek to Narayangiri. It was a lot of fun. My article will tell all those who missed out on the trek about it. First, we travelled in buses (not the Neev buses). It was a two hour ride from school. We had brought our own food, so we the breakfast in the buses. Then, we could read, talk, sleep or look out of the window. After two hours we finally reached the hill.

It looked like a very big rock rather than a hill. When we got out of the buses, the foot of the hill didn’t look very steep and there was a lake next to the hill. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the lake. When we went higher, we saw something that looked like a lake, but it was a solar farm. Then we went higher up and, you might have guessed it, there were stairs. We took the stairs. It was very tiring – some staircases had railings while others did not. Finally, we reached the top. It was very high, but the scenery was awesome, and there was a small temple on the top and a pond too.

We sat inside the temple for a long time, talked about the trek, and the new unit. Then we came down, which was kind of difficult, because it was downhill and they had put some metal pipes on the stairs to build the railings. So, we had to walk carefully.

After we got down the stairs, things got easier and it took around ten to fifteen minutes more to come down the slope. We had lunch. And then it was again a two hour ride back home. The ride felt longer this time because we all were tired and we reached school at around 5 pm.

Vyom (G3-A)


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