On Saturday, 11th January 2020, the high school students (G9 –G12) and select parents (G11 – G12) at Neev Academy were a privileged lot to be in the presence of Mr. Viral Doshi, renowned educational consultant from Mumbai, who talked to them about the various aspects of navigating their journey to college/university. He discussed the trends in admission in different courses & colleges in US, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore, of the new and upcoming universities in India like KREA, Ashoka, OP Jindal, Shiv Nadar , Jio and more.
Mr. Doshi, often referred as the ‘Harvard whisperer of Mumbai’, spoke about –

  • The criteria of admissions for both, colleges in India and abroad.
  • The path of earning a scholarship or being granted financial aid
  • Making the right subject choices
  • Writing college essays
  • Weightage of extra- curricular activities in a college application
  • Timelines for attempting the SAT/ACT tests and more.
  • The importance of psychometric test to understand a student’s aptitude. COA (Cambridge Occupational Analysis) is the trusted tool being used by him for more than a decade. At Neev, students in G10 do the COA assessment every year.

The students were explained the importance of consistent focus on:
a)Academics – The need to be consistent in academics and get good scores throughout high school.
b)Reading – Being one of the strong pillars of learning at Neev, he reiterated the importance of reading subject matter, current affairs, fiction or any topic of interest.
He emphasized on the goals for the high school students as-·
Exploration in G9 and G10– This would mean being aware of their passion, reading about it, using opportunities of job shadowing and communicating with people pursuing the courses. Also, the need to get involved in service activities in depth throughout high school.
In G11 – the focus would be of ‘consolidation’ – selecting the right subjects, working hard to get the desired scores and continuing to be actively engaged in CAS activities.
In G12 – to complete work on the application process besides focus on the academics, service and extra- curricular activities. The information shared in the session would act as talking points for parents to have meaningful conversations with their wards, helping them achieve their dreams and ambition.



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