The Neev Children’s Literature Festival 2.0 was a smashing success. With the aim of promoting children’s literature, the NLF was seamless in its planning and execution. It was the brainchild of Ms. Kavita, the founder of Neev, with the aim of instilling love for reading in children which is of paramount importance in today’s changing world.


Spanning over three days, the program included everything from workshops to book readings by eminent authors of children’s literature. One of the innovative ideas of promoting children’s literature was the addition of The Neev Book Awards. The nominations were shortlisted from an initial list of 94 books and brought down to three in each category. The winners were decided by a jury which consisted of educators and writers alike. This provided much needed recognition for children’s literature which is grossly undervalued and neglected in India.


Although the NLF was centered around children, workshops meant for educators and librarians were also a part of the event. Recognizing the role that educators play in the lives of children, the NLF included workshops and discussions that empowered educators to encourage reading in children.


The workshops for students were intriguing and diverse in focus. Conducted by eminent authors and others associated with children’s literature, these workshops opened children’s minds to various aspects of literature and the world such as the art of writing a short story, the role that art plays in literature and so on.


Some of the panel discussions, speeches, book readings and the award ceremony were conducted on the final day. Open to the public, these events covered topics as diverse as mythology and gender stereotypes.


This year’s NLF was a resounding success and certainly made progress in its primary goal of promoting children’s literature.


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