Dear Neev Community,
Neev Academy is now 7 years old with 3 years on campus. The journey to campus began in June 2011 via Indira Nagar and two temporary campuses in Whitefield. Next year we will have nearly 500 kids on the Yemalur campus and 21+ kids at the North PYP satellite.
One of my favourite quotes comes from Dumbledore in Chamber of Secrets- “It is our choices, not our abilities that reveal what we really are Harry.” Students at Neev make many choices; how they work, who they work with, activities they pursue, and eventually, subjects they study. They succeed and fail in these choices; learning from both, often more from the latter.
Next year our offering of choices goes up for activities- sports, arts, CAS, work experience, and subjects. Our after-school programme expands to around 40 activities. We add tennis and swim teams to our existing basketball, football, and athletics teams. We institutionalize our CAS initiatives allowing students to meet authentic experiences but making choices of the initiative they join. We also launch an internship program as an introduction to careers.
Travel continues to be an important part of our learning; all 7 learning journeys starting in the first week with Ladakh and until Rajasthan at the end of the academic year. In addition are trips related to MUN, Sports, CAS, and treks. Our new sports fields will be active next year. Besides the focus on fitness, we expand the sports leagues initiated this year. The experiment this year of running Neevotsav and Spotlights in parallel gives us the confidence for a new theatre format; next year’s Neevotsav as a
3 day festival for Grades 1-3 with ‘Spotlight’ as a complete focus on older grades.
The richness of Neev’s parent community already comes out in Language day, Lit-fest, Neevot-sav, Sarvajeet Diwas. The Neev parent community is also unique in its diversity of careers – entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, researchers, programmers, lawyers, engineers, educators, designers, and many other professions. We invite our parents to bring this rich diversity into the school next year impacting CAS and a Careers Programme, and also to initiate a PTA truly starting to build a shared community. Do volunteer your time, your workplaces and your ideas to make these programmes a reality of rich options for our students, your children by responding to the participation emails coming soon.
Our first Diploma batch begins next year with a cohort of 15 (so far J). The DP with its hard-earned reputation of rigour and excellence is the jewel in the crown of the IB programmes. And truly nothing will prepare our future Diploma students like the continuum from PYP to MYP making decisions and choices all the way. Our commitment to the best international and Indian education will be more visible with the launch of our career counselling leading to the choices of further education in India and abroad.
I am thrilled to share that we also have a globally experienced Head of School joining us early next year, bringing her vast IB continuum experience in curriculum and team leadership to help us build Neev into an institution of global excellence. And I will continue to focus on the strategic direction of the organization.
Wishing all of you a great summer. There’s nothing more wonderful than long lazy summer afternoon with some great books. Read a lot, come back with minds on fire, and let’s continue to build the best school in Bangalore, India and Asia.

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal, Head of School


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