I love Neevotsav! It is my favourite event of the year. This year we performed a ‘Street Play’! I was so excited! We were allowed to write our own lines. On the first day of rehearsal, our play looked so boring!

On the second day of the rehearsal, Vineet Sir came in and changed a few things in the scene to make it fun. We loved it! From that day, we always looked forward to rehearsals. During the final run-through, we performed for the teachers and they rated

it 5 on 5! On the day of the show,Ms. Nikita gave us stars. We encouraged ourselves to do our best and practised our lines all over. 3…2…1… it was showtime! All of us did our part spectacularly and no one forgot a single line.

At the end of the show I learnt how to work in a team and how everyone’s ideas put together can send such a powerful message.

Keerat Singh (G3-B)


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