When I got my introduction lines, I was not sure if I could learn it. But I decided to give
my best and practice. At the first tech run, I spoke louder. My teacher asked us to learn
songs in different languages, so I tried to learn all of them.

My wow moment was when the floor microphone was not working, but I thought if I
stopped, the show would get ruined, so I spoke my loudest without stopping. I thought
that I wouldn’t get the words of this song right. But I kept singing and I did not give up,
so I got all the words correctly with practice.

My challenge in the drama was when I lost my script. I did not want to disturb my mom
to check on Veracross, So I recollected all my scenes and practiced them well on my
own. Even though I did not have my music script, I was able to rehearse my songs. My
solution to the problem was to sit back and remember what I learned in school. Another
tool that helped me was to learn from Youtube and I was able to practice my songs. I
managed myself, in terms of sitting and learning, instead of quitting. I was open
minded to take other’s ideas to display my strengths.



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