The students of Grade 4 recently visited Nirvana film studios as a part of their learning journey for the unit ‘How we Express Ourselves’. We have been inquiring into the concept of media and the effective messages that it conveys through various forms-one of the forms being Advertising. Nirvana Films Studios are in Business for 17 successful years now and have been graded Best Productions in India by the Economic times.

In Nirvana, we learnt about different persuasion techniques, like – Ambush Advertising. This is when you see an ad in the most unusual places and in the most unusual forms. For example in a movie there are ads everywhere called Product Placements. The other technique used is celebrity power. If a celebrity uses a product – you assume it must be good, so you get persuaded to buy the product. Another technique is making a product a limited edition. By doing this. you make the audience feel like they need to hurry up and buy the product and hence this publicity works for the sale of the product too. Nirvana has helped us expand our learning on our related concepts that are media, persuasion, message , and audience. It was a great experience for all of us especially the information on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.



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