Physical Education, which encapsulates the wellness of the body and mind, aids student competency at various levels. It teaches one means of bonding with one another while developing themselves. Children learn to win and also improvise through failures during the various sports events. Sarvajeet Diwas is a platform for just that. ‘Sarva’ means all, ‘Jeet’ means win and ‘Diwas’ means day – the day when everyone wins. Sarvajeet Diwas for the year 2019-2020 was held on the 19th and 20th of Dec 2019 for the primary and the senior
sections respectively.

Sarvajeet Diwas commenced with hoisting the school flag followed by the beautiful
Walk Past filled with enthusiasm and fervour. The school’s sports captains Aarush
Salwan (for primary) and Dhruv Sabharwal (for senior) took an oath on behalf of the
students for fair and healthy participation during the events. On Day 1, the Army
Band joined the show and filled the air with victory beats. The sports events held
during the first day were pyramid relay for grade 1, the three-legged race for grade 2,
sack race for grade 3, followed by an obstacle race for all three grades to test their
motor and coordination skills. Shuttle relay for grade 1 and 2 followed by round relay
for grade 3 was also organised. How can parents not be a part of this? Parents are the
first teachers to a child and lack no enthusiasm. We had a brisk walk race for the
grandparents, tug of war between teachers and parents, 200m race and a 4x100mtrs
mixed relay for the parents. The day culminated with a brief closing ceremony for the

The second day of Sarvajeet Diwas had the school band perform for the first time at
Neev, setting high standards of excellence. Displaying their talent in music and
rhythm, the band walked past along with the school house teams. Upholding the
solemnity of the ritual of lighting the torch, the sports champions of the previous year
lit the torch and marked the beginning of the event. The sports events for the day
commenced with 1500m open run for boys and 400m open run for girls of grade 6 to
12. These were followed by 100m and 200m races for all grades from grade 4 to 12, a
mixed relay for grades 4 to 12 to test their team play. Similar to the first day, Day 2 also
had a range of parent events.

The culmination of Sarvajeet Diwas included a vote of thanks by Ms Kavita, the Head
of School, followed by the school song and national anthem and then finally the
lowering of the school flag. The Neev community witnessed enthusiasm among
participants, honour and pride towards their grades and houses, care for their teams
and above all their spirit of sportsmanship.



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