The Stonehill science bowl was an interesting and new challenge for the 3 of us who participated. Our team, comprising of Pranav, Noor and I, came in second place to DPS school. The science bowl was, although difficult, one of the most interesting experiences we have had. It gave all 3 of us a chance to exercise our knowledge of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Sciences in a stimulating environment. The bowl consisted of a buzzer round, jeopardy round and final round, in which the team was especially strong in the math, biology and earth-sciences fields. Like all of the trips we go on as a part of the school, this trip was a good learning experience for us. It taught us more about topics we didn’t know. It also gave us a valuable lesson: No matter how exciting and new an
experience may be, losing your composure can really hurt you!



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