Adieu MYP

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a part of the IB curriculum for Grades 6-10. The
programme is centered around the six subject groups – Individuals & Societies, Mathematics, Sciences, Arts, Language Acquisition and Language & Literature. Some of us started the MYP fresh from other schools that were very different from the IB. It was rather disorienting at first to consider Arts as mainstream subjects, while today, most of us can’t imagine our lives without them. MYP offered us the chance to explore every aspect of our own individuality.

The first assessment our batch was exposed to was the Personal Project that gave us the the opportunity to take up a project that students are passionate about. Isn’t that a noble idea? A project just for yourself, for you, to explore you. We were able to further our understanding and explore any area – ranging from economics, to calligraphy, to even writing a book!

The Arts ePortfolio (for three different forms offered at Neev – Visual Arts, Theatre, Music) was about creating a piece of art to draw attention to issues of human impact on the environment. This truly pushed us to our artistic boundaries, and we’re sure the rest of the class could testify to that as well.

Unlike the other two components, the Language Acquisition ePortfolio assessment comprised of a written and oral assessment, which would be externally moderated by the Board. Needless to say, this assessment made us quite nervous, and gave us our first exposure to the typical ‘written board exam’. Nevertheless, we were relieved to have completed three  components of our MYP certificate, and now, we were on our way to the e-Assessments.

The final assessment was supposed to be the much-feared eAssessments – an assessment of a student’s capability in the four other subject groups and interdisciplinary learning. However, on April 1st, we got the startling news that our assessments were cancelled as a safety measure in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We didn’t know whether it was a boon or a bane! For some, like us, this was a blessing as we didn’t have to excessively study and ‘burn the midnight oil’ anymore. Nonetheless, the cancellation taught us all a valuable lesson: each assessment counts and there is no excuse for approaching our assessments
differently simply due to its contribution to our final score.

Whether we have come out wiser from this entire journey, only time will tell. Or rather our results will, but at least we have all become masters of stress and the MYP (although it is hard to differentiate between the two!). All jokes aside, MYP has been a great learning experience for us, those who have had the privilege of attending it.



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