Just like everyone else in the world, Mr Neeraj Kakkar wanted to be a superhero. When he was a child he dreamed of magical things like taking his cricket team to victory or catching in his village. He dreamt of living in a world where he was appreciated for contributing to society.

As he grew older, he went on to study business at Wharton School. All this while, he never let go of his dreams and returned to India with a business partner who was ready to
face the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. The first few years of starting a beverage business were rough as people weren’t responding as he hoped. It took him 3 years to settle on a new business idea which was Paper Boat. Paper Boat evolved from lunch meetings where he and his partners drank Aam Panna along with their colleagues. They soon discovered that their love for this traditional Indian drink would make up their new business. The company then grew to sell many traditional Indian drinks, making Paper Boat the guardian of these recipes. Paper Boat soon became a well-known company that
strived to bring traditional Indian drinks to the youth, ensuring that these drinks would not fade out or become lost forever. It seems Mr Kakkar finally achieved his goal of becoming a superhero, one who doesn’t save civilians who dangle from buildings but one who saves Indian history and heritage.



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