What PYP exhibition is to the PYP, Personal Project is to the MYP. Of sorts. And this journey for an IB student ends with the Extended Essay in the Diploma Programme. Personal Project aims to showcase skills, knowledge, and competence gained over the MYP years via a project each student undertakes on a topic they are particularly passionate about.

The research is conducted over 8 months under supervisors. Students develop their own criteria for success and meet the basic requirement of at least one end product. Our current students of grade 10 impressed all and sundry with their brilliant work.

Some interesting work happened on a prosthetic arm, music therapy, calligraphy, sports shoes, a food blog and more. A student created a fashion line for teenagers while another
worked on artificial intelligence to predict the share market. A student wrote a novel while a couple of them created booklets on gripping subjects. Learning from the way visitors responded to the stalls, it appeared that all that labour was not lost.


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