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Sia Godika: A Youtube Channel Breaking Down Economic Concepts

Hi! I am Sia Godika from 10th grade. You may know me for my interest in helping people but another interest I have is economics. My interest comes from listening to my parents speaking about economic drops, stock trading, etc. I began browsing the internet to understand certain terminology. However, it was challenging to find videos and websites targeted at beginners. Every video I watched used complex terms I had to continually lookup.

Hence, I decided to create the Money Tox YouTube channel. It is a place where complex finance-related topics are explained in simple words. I, myself, am no expert, so I can assure you that you will understand the topic easily. My videos also use fun examples so that you can remember the information easily!

Being financially literate is very important. Yet few people are prepared as financial decision-making grows more complex. Money Tox will equip you with knowledge and critical skills. So learn and be prepared!

Money Tox YouTube channel: