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Afghanistan Conflict: What Is Our Responsibility?

By Aditya Braganza, Grade 9

“Kindness is universal. Sometimes being kind allows others to see the goodness in humanity through you” - Germany Kent

After two decades of war and countless suffering, the US officially withdrew all its troops from Afghanistan on 30 August 2021. This does save many American lives, but the same cannot be said for the population of Afghanistan. As the US forces left, the Afghanisthan military fell to the Taliban in five days, contrasting greatly to American intelligence, which estimated around 90 days. This great miscalculation left many Afghanis stranded in their country and unable to take refuge. There are reports of Taliban fighters forcing women to marry their soldiers, being flogged in public, and being forced to stay at home unless they are accompanied by a man. These patterns of oppression can be linked to the Taliban’s treatment of women throughout time. In such a time it is extremely easy to forget humanity. It can be expected that the Afghan Populus’ hope in kindness and goodness is dwindling. It is our moral responsibility as citizens of this world to help them not only escape such a place but to remind them of the good parts of the world. So, in their time of struggle, we need to do all we can, whether it is to donate to relief efforts or apply international pressure on the Taliban through petitions.