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Art, a medium to spread awareness of our environment

By Rhea Sinha, Grad

Do you love art and want to make awareness of our environment? Well, you can use art to make people more aware of the environment! There are many inspiring artists who use art to spread awareness about our environment.

Firstly, Basia Irland is an artist and naturalist that works closely with water, especially rivers. Her Ice Books project uses river water to form books made of ice which

contains seeds. The seeds within the books help the river in many ways such as; by slowing down the erosion of the river bank. It then slowly melts away to represent the effects of climate change and the thinning of ice due to the activities of humans.

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish street artist that creates sculptures of tiny men dressed in grey suits and installs them in weird places. ‘Waiting for the Climate Change’ is one of his series that has 14 life-sized sculptures of these everymen covered in water. His artwork is a critique of modern society’s view regarding climate change.

Aida Sulova is a street artist who started a campaign to remind people to dispose of their waste properly. The anti-plastic campaign is based in Kyrgyzstan and uses her art to send this message.

Using the dustbin as her canvas, she makes artwork that inspires and makes people aware of our climate change, pollution, marine pollution, etc.

I hope this helps you see the power of art in our fight to make a safe environment.