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'Out of My Mind' by Sharon M. Draper

By Arushi Chandra, Grade 6C

Eleven-year-old Melody has a photographic memory. She is very smart, but no one knows that because she has a condition that limits her from talking or walking. But when she discovers that there are inventions that allow the non-verbal to speak, her life changes.

As we go through the book, we see how Melody transforms from an outcast to a part of a group. Her appearance and what she does affects her ‘social status’. Melody believes everyone should be included, no matter how they look or what they can or cannot do.

This book is written from Melody's perspective and has many descriptive words, making it easier to understand Melody’s feelings.

Sharon M. Draper’s Out of Mind is captivating and kept my attention to the very end as the plot is interesting. I had many questions: What will Melody do to communicate her thoughts? How will she show that she, too, is like everyone else? Will anyone ever see her inner nature?

For me, the ending of this book was very unexpected, but I enjoyed it. Apart from being a great novel, this book has also inspired me to be more open and tell others to include everyone. I am now learning not to make instant opinions about anyone. Overall, I loved the book!