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'The Foundation Series' by Isaac Asimov

By Siddhant Dravid, Grade 8C

The Galactic Empire had ruled the galaxy for 12,000 years as the sovereign and cardinal. But now, it is dying. Hari Seldon, the first and greatest psychohistorian in the galaxy, predicted the fall using mathematical formulae of his invention–The Seldon Plan. Seldon predicted that after the Empire falls, 30,000 years of barbarism and warfare will begin. To bring the huge number of 30,000 years to a mere 1,000 years and to preserve human knowledge, Seldon set up a place of sanctuary where an Encyclopedia Galactica was under development to preserve the information of the Galactic Empire. He called this the Foundation.

Written by the pioneer and father of science fiction, Issac Asimov, Foundation is a must-read for any bookworm. Sitting at a reasonable number of 200 pages, Foundation hooks the reader in a way unlike other books; slowly, using long dialogues and small action sequences, until the reader realizes that they cannot put the book down. One can resonate with the characters, crying with a few, laughing with some, and getting angry at others.

Foundation addresses the topics of inclusivity and openness because The Galactic Empire did not listen to Hari Seldon and was not open to his scientific idea that their everlasting Empire was dying. Another example is the Mule, a villainous character with mutant powers whose birth and existence were not predicted by the Seldon Plan. He became a villain because the world he was born in did not include him because of his mutant deformities This led him to be irritated and agitated with everyone.

I wholeheartedly recommend Foundation to everyone. The series is addictive and I could not put it down. If one enjoys books that hook them slowly and keep them immersed in it, they will thoroughly enjoy Foundation.