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'The Invisible Boy' by Trudy Ludwig

By Venpa Senthamil, Grade 1

The Invisible Boy is a book by Trudy Ludwig and it was recommended to me by Ms. Benazir, my Art teacher in the early years. It is about a boy named Brian who was always left out of everything. He did not have a single friend in his class. Brian was invisible even to his teachers because there were other louder kids. Then, when a new boy named Justin joined the class, he was also left alone. This book talks about how Justin and Brian became friends and how everyone in the class started to include them. When I go to basketball and ballet classes, I always make it a point to be inclusive and make friends with new students because they will feel left out. The most favorite part for me of this book is the illustrations. Patrice Barton’s illustrations are astounding and I really loved how he showed Brian in the sketch where he was included by other students in the class. I recommend this book to all my friends in the 1st Grade because I learned to be inclusive after reading this book. When I see someone left out, I think about Brain in this story and how he felt when he was left out. Also, the illustrations in this book taught me that I can use colors creatively in art.