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'The Jungle Storytelling Festival (जंगल का कहानी उत्सव)' by Janaki Sabesh

By Barkha Chandra, Grade 1

For Ages (4+)

Story: Janaki Sabesh

Pictures: Debosmita Mazumdar

One day, there was a storytelling festival happening in the jungle. Every animal could come and tell a story on the stage. Shuturu the ostrich had a very interesting story to share. But Shuturu was a stammerer. When he asked, the animals were not open and did not include him. They even teased him. But there was one animal family who accepted Shuturu with his stammer and encouraged him. Will Shuturu be able to participate? If you want to know more, please read the story.

My parents read this story to me in Hindi. This book is also available in English and many other Indian languages. The illustrations are very catchy. It is also interesting because it contains 4 other small stories inside!