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'Tom Gates: Yes! No. (Maybe...)' by Liz Pichon

By Meghna Sethuraman, Grade 5

Tom Gates: Yes! No. (Maybe...) is a funny and creative story by Liz Pichon. She has written a whole series spotlighting Tom Gates which is now a bestselling series. This book has given me a few creative ideas and teaches everybody how to accept people the way they are.

Tom is a very humble and honest boy, but sometimes he can not make up his mind! In this book, he has to make hard choices to reach his goals. This book is related to Inclusivity and Openness because he includes lots of people in his band (Dogzombies) and takes lots of ideas from everyone.

Tom is having a hard week with his business day and needs to help his family tidy up the whole house for a boot sale. Tom has to decide what to keep and what to throw away. At the same time, he really wants to keep a pet, but his sister, Delia, is allergic to all animals that Tom wants to keep as a pet. There is a special day coming up at his house and crazy events keep on popping up. Will Tom be able to manage everything at once? Or will he need to give a few things up in the process?