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Book Review: Friends Behind Walls by Harshikaa Udasi

By Aarika Natarajan, Grade 3

Inu and Putti, 2 kids, have created their own version of Mr. Om Namaha's (Real Name-Chimanrao Gadbade) recital because every day he wakes up in the morning and evening to sing his prayers-'Om Suryaya Namaha....'

This wonderful story called "Friends Behind Walls" is written by Harshikaa Udasi and is illustrated by Krishna Bala Shenoi. I would recommend this to kids from Grades 2-3 and Years 7-9, also kids who love mysterious and adventurous books!

Friends Behind Walls is a very funny story which is about 2 children called, Putti and Inu (real names Neel-Putti and Indrani-Inu) who solve a mystery of why their parents do not allow them to be friends and the reason behind it. Do you think they can solve this mystery with the help of Mr. Om Namaha and Dr. Solanki (A-know-it-all)? Or do they have to go to TM or Tekdichi Mhatari (A mind reader!) on Temple Hill? Read the book to find out more and you will certainly roll on the floor laughing!