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Book Review: 'Gobi-A Little Dog With A Big Heart' by Dion Leonard

By Anezka Sequeira, Grade 2

Have you heard of a true story about a dog and runner having an unbreakable bond?

If you haven't, you must read GOBI by Dion Leonard.

This book is about a man called Dion who is having a seven-day ultra-marathon across the Gobi desert. On the second day of the marathon, a small, sandy-colored stray dog sees Dion and the other runners. The stray dog always wanted a friend, and this time there were so many of them, so the dog ran down the sandy dunes to catch up with the runners. Dion named the dog Gobi because she was as tough as the Gobi desert.

In the night, the runners camped in tents. Dion was eating jerky from his small food supplies when he realized that he didn't have food for Gobi. He didn't want her to feel hungry, so Dion gave her a piece of jerky and the other runners started sharing some food with her too.

The next day, Dion needed to cross a rushing river and then he realized that Gobi was not with him. Breaking his own rule, which was, "always look forward, and never look back," Dion looked back and he saw Gobi at the shore, barking for him to come back.

It was a hard decision to make— should Dion rescue Gobi or leave her and continue crossing the river to win the race?

To know if Dion won the race you should read this book!

I like this book because it teaches me that even I can be like Dion, simply by helping to bring a change in someone's life. Even though dogs and humans don't speak the same language, they can still have a loving bond.

Reading GOBI will make you think about how you can make a change in someone's life.